My name is Don Wortman, and I am the Grandmaster at Kukkido Martial Arts.

I have studied Martial Arts for over 30 years while training in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, and Thailand. I have a 7th degree Black belt in Taekwondo, 7th Degree in Hae Dong Kumdo, 6th Degree in Hapkido, 5th Degree in Shotokan Karate, 1st Degree in Aikido, 1st Degree in Tai Mantis Kung fu and a number of other styles.

Having extensively trained in Asia has allowed me to bridge the Eastern and Western Philosophies to better prepare the students for the challenges they will face in their lives. It is my belief that, as a Grandmaster of Martial Arts, I have a responsibility to my students to encourage them to attain the highest level of proficiency possible. Each year I travel to the Orient to increase my Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the Martial Arts, so that I may better serve my students.

At Kukkido Martial Arts, our Instructors have great knowledge in their arts, and  emphasize Self-Control, Discipline and Respect while the student attains a greater Self-Confidence and Physical awareness.

We offer a variety of programs for a wide range of people. Our youngest student is 3 years old, the oldest is 75 years old.

Don Wortman, 7th Dan Grand Master